Latest News

Great New Year Ceilidh

A great night was had by all those who attended

the Village Ceilidh on Sat 6th January 2018.

The Hall’s new lighting system in the main hall made the occasion really enjoyable.

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Great News

The next phase of modernization for the Village Hall has been given the go ahead by the Village Hall Committee. With some funding coming from the Parish Council we are going to undertake the following projects.

  1. The Village Hall car parking area is to be extended to allow more parking especially on days when the football club wish to use village hall carpark. It will be extended to the end of the children’s play area.
  2. The main hall and the dining room are both to have new flooring put down over the half term holiday in February.
  3. The main hall is to have additional lighting to make the lighting for social events  parties, weddings, etc. more atmospheric.
  4. The committee room is to have new lighting to replace the old strip lighting.    

The toilets in the Village Hall  have been modernised. In addition the Hall entrance has been decorated and the flooring has been renewed.



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